Monthly Wrap-Up :: May 2018

2018 Reading Challenge

My graphic is sliiightly wrong because I forgot to pull it June 1... It should really say 102 books completed

Books read in May: 15
Books read in 2018: 102/150 (87 in April)


Progress in May: 2
Total Progress: 13/12

I was thinking I didn't do so well with my challenges in May, but hey! Here we're only halfway through the year and I already made my 2018 Discussion Challenge goal of 12 posts! New Goal: 21 posts for the "Chatty Kathy" level

The Levels:

1-10 – Discussion Dabbler
11-20 – Creative Conversationalist
21-30 – Chatty Kathy
31-40 – Terrifically Talkative
41+ – Gift of the Gab


hosted by Novel Knight

Progress in May: 0
  •  Again, with all the focus on ARCs, I didn't read ANY books from Book Mountain. I did, however, add a LOT of them... Oops...
Total Progress: 5/20


Progress in May: 2
  • F: Famous by Jenny Holiday (read 5.6 - review)
  • I: Infamous by Jenny Holiday (read 5.7 - review)

Total Progress: 20/26

I actually totally forgot I was even doing challenges, that's how crazy I've been trying to stay on top of ARCs and blog tours. THANKFULLY, I went on a Jenny Holiday kick and UNWITTINGLY READ TWO OF THE LETTERS I WAS MISSING!! (Thanks, Jenny!)

Letters remaining: J, K, Q, V, W, Z


hosted by The Hufflepuff Basement group on Goodreads

Progress in May: 0
  • Clouds/Fog
  • Boat/Ship
Yeah, I totally forgot about this challenge too. heh. That's extra not good because I'm the one that made it up!! June's prompts are a Dog/Cat and a Bicycle, so hopefully I can get those banged out... 
 Total Progress: 5/24


  1. Wow, you’re doing well on your challenges. I’m currently behind on all mine.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Haha, thanks AJ. I keep forgetting about some of them, and it's a total miracle that I just happened to make progress in the Alphabet Challenge this month! Stick with it, we're only halfway through the year. :)


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