Monthly Wrap Up: April 2018

 I am so crazy glad that the weather is FINALLY warming up outside! We had so many crazy snowstorms in April, it was bonkers. My goal for April was to try to get caught up on my out of control ARC requests and I did... OK I guess? I spend Readathon and the week leading up to it reading library books instead (oops).

April TBR:
  • What a Difference A Duke Makes by Lenora Bell (Edelweiss ARC)(read 4.2)
  • Unmasked by the Marquess by Cat Sebastian (Edelweiss ARC)(read 4.8)
  • A Match Made in Bed by Cathy Maxwell (Edelweiss ARC) (read 4.18)
  • A Prom to Remember (NetGalley ARC) (read 4.10)
  • Torn by Rowenna Miller (NetGalley ARC)
  • Over Raging Tides by Jennifer Ellision (NetGalley ARC)
  • Jane of Austen by Hillary Manton Lodge (Edelweiss ARC)
  • The Sisters Mederos by Patrice Sarath (Edelweiss ARC)
  • Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian (NetGalley ARC)
  • Shoot the Messenger by Pippa DaCosta (NetGalley ARC) (read 4.7)

Bonus Round:
  • The Bride Takes a Groom by Lisa Berne (Edelweiss ARC)
  • A Scandalous Deal by Joanna Shupe (Edelweiss ARC)
  • It Takes Two to Tumble by Cat Sebastian (Edelweiss ARC) (read 4.15)
  • Making Up by Lucy Parker (NetGalley ARC)
  • The Luck of the Bride by Jana MacGregor (NetGalley ARC)
  • A Duke Like No Other by Valerie Bowman (NetGalley ARC)
  • Hurts to Love You by Alisha Rai (Edelweiss ARC) (read 4.14)

2018 Reading Challenge

Books read in April: 14
Books read in 2018: 87/150


Progress in April: 4
Total Progress: 11/12


hosted by Novel Knight

Progress in April: 0
  •  Again, with all the focus on ARCs (and library books), I didn't read ANY books from Book Mountain. Shoot!
Total Progress: 5/20


Progress in April: 0
Total Progress: 18/26 


hosted by The Hufflepuff Basement group on Goodreads
Progress in April: 0
Wahh-wahhhhh. I didn't manage to make ANY progress on the covers challenge in April. I was too busy trying to get caught up on all those ARCs!!
  • Umbrella
  • Rain
 Total Progress: 5/24


  1. How are you doing so well with your Goodreads challenge?! I’m constantly behind on mine. I guess it’s time to find some short books. Have a great May!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. My secret weapons are manga/comic books, children's books, and middle grade fiction. The easy/quick reads help boost numbers quickly, haha.

  2. I just posted my review of A Match Made in Bed also!! I want to read the Lenora Bell and congrats on your progress with your Challenges!!

    1. WOW you had a busy April!!! Congrats on your contest wins, that's awesome. I love winning things. :) haha

  3. You are doing so well on your goodreads challenge! I need to do a mini readathon to try and get myself caught up on ARCs sometimes I feel like I'm never going to catch up.

    I hope you have a wonderful May!

    Tina @ As Told By Tina

  4. Way to go on your Goodreads challenge! I've almost met my goal, but I set it low because I'm kind of over it these days. Looking at your current current, I see you're now at 97 books - wow. You've also reminded me to link up to challenges I've joined, so thanks for that. What team are you for Beat the Backlist?


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